Coworking was born in art studios. A lot of artists met in the same space to share ideas and creativity. Nowadays, coworking is very similar, people from different backgrounds such as marketing, web designing, advertising, etc. gather around in coorking spaces to become more productive.

Becoming the perfect coworkerer is not an easy task, but worry not, here are 5 tips to become the ideal coworker. 

1/ Discover a new way of working 

First things first, walk in with a big smile. Every morning should start with a positive attitude and good vibes. The next essential thing you should have on your to-do list is poor yourself a large cup of coffee to get your daily cafeine dose. Coworking spaces usually offer different subscriptions, you will surely find the one that suits you best. Thanks to your coworking keycard, you’ll be able to walk in early in the morning and/or leave late at night. 

2/ Have the « Flex attitude »

Various workspaces are usually available in coworking spaces: the kitchen area, the chillout area or the usual standard business area. A good coworker needs to try different areas to find which one works best for him. 

3/ Be aware of current affairs in the business center

The perfect coworker usually attends every single event. Events are the best way to meet new people and create new business opportunities and who knows, even make new friends. Coworking spaces are filled with interesting people that all have different stories to share.

4/ Don’t succumb to temptation 

Don’t get too tempted by the common area and their comfortable sofas, multiple breakfasts, green spaces and people laughing. Faced with these temptations, you must hold on and stay focused on your task. After having overcome this stage you will be ready to face everything and you can even eat a croissant in the kitchen area while replying to your emails.

5/ Find space how you need 

Sundesk offers several different coworking space. Depending on the type of work you need to get done, whether it is creative or admin, you will find the perfect spot to get it all done. Something you need to get done by the end of the day? Take a seat in a booth in one of our open spaces. Need to make a phone call? Take a seat in a phone booth. Each situation has its own workspace.

A Coworking subscription doesn’t only give you the chance to access a cool workspace but also gives you the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and creative spirits just like you. Coworking is more than just a workspace, it’s also a place where you get to share ideas, have a good laugh and develop your business.